Saturday, February 5, 2011

The days i in Malaysia :D

Hahas i was now posting the things i did in Malaysia.... Let's say the first day first :)

The first day....

Everyone wake up quite early except the three children, My sisters and me:D (*being abit bhb*)
Then, we do the normal routine of what you normally do when u first wake up....(unless you dk wat's ur normal routine) , eat bathe go out to the temple first. Blah blah blah..... ( not going to say the things, no intention) then the thing ==

The most exciting things have came :D it's time to leave Singapore for Malaysia!!!!! Gratz and Greatz Hahas there came the rushing, packing the bags then go write the white cards(only i write) then off we go. Not saying the time we doing in the checkpoint, too much time wasted on tat. 

We reach Malaysia :DD Uncle came and drive us to my Grandma hse. Which takes 2hrs plus. Reach finally. There, hahas playing come nxt. My cousins came pulling me to the com room for ? For a battle!!!!! :DD hahas then got the youngest in the family de came hugging me, hahas baby somemore. Hahas they were like so CUTE~~ Hahas btw it was alrly nite time. So i bathe then join my cousin for the steamboat!!!!!!!!! It smells nice, taste delicious ;P But i was having Facial too T T hot facial..... Then *wootx* IT'S FIREWORKS TIME!!!!!!! Hahas xD Loud but colourful. Specially when you look up from below. Looks like going to fall on you. 

God i was tired. The next post then is the second day. Gtg Nitex~~ 

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