Saturday, February 5, 2011

The days i in Malaysia :D

Hahas i was now posting the things i did in Malaysia.... Let's say the first day first :)

The first day....

Everyone wake up quite early except the three children, My sisters and me:D (*being abit bhb*)
Then, we do the normal routine of what you normally do when u first wake up....(unless you dk wat's ur normal routine) , eat bathe go out to the temple first. Blah blah blah..... ( not going to say the things, no intention) then the thing ==

The most exciting things have came :D it's time to leave Singapore for Malaysia!!!!! Gratz and Greatz Hahas there came the rushing, packing the bags then go write the white cards(only i write) then off we go. Not saying the time we doing in the checkpoint, too much time wasted on tat. 

We reach Malaysia :DD Uncle came and drive us to my Grandma hse. Which takes 2hrs plus. Reach finally. There, hahas playing come nxt. My cousins came pulling me to the com room for ? For a battle!!!!! :DD hahas then got the youngest in the family de came hugging me, hahas baby somemore. Hahas they were like so CUTE~~ Hahas btw it was alrly nite time. So i bathe then join my cousin for the steamboat!!!!!!!!! It smells nice, taste delicious ;P But i was having Facial too T T hot facial..... Then *wootx* IT'S FIREWORKS TIME!!!!!!! Hahas xD Loud but colourful. Specially when you look up from below. Looks like going to fall on you. 

God i was tired. The next post then is the second day. Gtg Nitex~~ 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My sister's school skirt

Hahas.... My sis de skirt xD is so damn funny x) so short sio.... Haha who ask her go chande the skirt haha now he normal skirt is mini skirt :D *wootz* Yae....  HuoKai :D

I vry bad ?Lol... I dun care :P  

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The difference of Holidays and School days

The days before the sku holidays......
The days before the sku was quite nice cos of  having the company of siblings before, during and after the sku hours. Before was Zirui jie and i walk to sku frm Bus Interchange to ur sku, Riverside Secondary sku. Then together we went to the hall for morning  assembly then we went for lessons ans lessons...... Finally recess time~ then Zirui jie and i went to 1/3 class to wait for Nigel kor, Brian kor, Huiying mei, Jingyi mei and others to go to recess together. Nxt ur Sec two friends will went to ur table and find us. Some are..... Yongteck kor, Derek kor, Cedric kor and Milo(Iszhar). We went to the piano area as a group to chat, play and chat. Then lessons again, some lessons like History, Geography, Music, so on are boring lessons. But lesson like Dance, Biology, Chemistry and Maths are interesting. Fun too specially the Bio lessons, went up all the way to the Bio lab and do all sorts, all kinds of experiments. Dance is the interesing lesson too cos we do all kind of traditional dances. Althought it was hard at first and the teacher was fierce, the dances are funny, it's still fun :D then is after sku time. Which means the sku  for lower secondary ends, we started to go eat lunch then went home. Tat's how my sku days end in my life always :D

The days after the sku holidays......

The days after the sku holidays are boring in Singapore but fun in Malaysia. When i was in Singapore, i oni can watch tv, eat, slip, bathe. But in Malaysia, i can went shopping wif my cousins, eat wif them, ride bicycle wif them. Then we watch CDs, tvs together. Like today, My cousins, QiHong, ShanShan, YanYan and MeiXian and i, went to a shopping mall in Malaysia. We played the basketball in arcade and lot more..... Sorry guys i was abit tired liao *yawn* Nights and byes~ :D

As a result.... I prefer Sku days to Holidays :D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Parents...Why can't i go for my friends de class chalet? For just once also can't? Why sia... Always like tat... Walao weh... Friends nia leh not my enemy leh... Plus they are my good friends lo... I got a feeling tat the friendship i had wif my friends is going to be DESTROYED on my parents hand liao.... Cos i spending lesser and lesser time wif my friends le... Haiz.... My parents dui chalet de kan fa... Too pian jian le ba? Chalet is just a place to spent wif friends not a bad place ma... I say... Mum and Dad you two vry free hor? Free till come and disiao me... -.- Dun like tat can? Walao pls la... Go find somethings to do can? Dun kept disiao me leh ... U giving me no privacy leh... See my phone my msgs ... Then nvm still go see wat i type at my blog... U think wat? Things tat belong to me you must see ar? U dun nid to work meh? Goodness sake ... I like ur pet leh.... 

Let ME have some FREEDOM can ??????